Hans Kai 4 Trans – Your Body, Surgery Choices and Care (Victoria) — Wednesday, May 18th

Hans Kai 4 Trans – Your Body, Surgery Choices and Care

Metoidioplasty, vaginoplasty, hysterectomy, orchiectomy, phalloplasty, oophorectomy, augmentation, bilateral mastectomy

We sort it all under the simpler terms of top and bottom surgery. Sometimes referred to gender affirmation surgery, sexual reassignment surgery, or as Medical Services refers to it, surgery for the alteration of appearance. Whatever it is called or which surgery you are considering – there are a lot of choices. Choices not only about what – but for many people where. When can matter both in the how long it takes to get on a surgeons waiting list, clear the various hurdles to get on the list and the affect on the lives closest to us. These are life changing events and we are often forced to rely on the scraps of conversations grabbed here and there or the countless pages of internet musings that are hard to verify whether of worth or not.

We wanted to do something about that – so we found people who had experienced surgery here in Canada, Europe, Asia and other parts of North America. We asked them to be prepared to answer any question. So bring it on. We call it no holds barred, though perhaps no holes barred might be better for this event.

RSVP today to win the door prize of two hours of electrolysis at the Electrolysis Institute, Vancouver Island’s trans-informed and trans friendly electrolysis service. Michelle has been helping people prepare for surgeries of all kinds and is well informed on the requirements. To win you must RSVP and be at the Hans Kai 4 Trans session.


When: Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 at 6:30pm
Where: Rainbow Rooms at the YES Centre (# 107 – 1208 Wharf Street)
For info: Please contact info@rainbowhealth.coop


** Please note that this is not a PHSA Trans Care BC event **

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