Delays at Montreal GRS

Trans Care BC has heard from GRS Montreal, the surgical centre providing gender-affirming genital surgeries in Canada, that they are currently experiencing a very high volume of referrals. Responses to calls and emails as well as surgical bookings have been slower than usual. We have been assured that this is temporary and that measures have been implemented that will improve the pre-operative process.

GRS Montreal has appointed two people to support communications with BC clients to ensure that responses to requests are timely and that clients experience safe, high quality care.

Contact people for anyone experiencing problems with the usual processes are:

Céline Bailey
Email: Celine.Bailey@cmcmontreal.comTel: 514-332-7091 ext # 300

Anne Dubé
Email: Anne.Dube@cmcmontreal.comTel: 514-332-7091 ext # 212

Routine enquiries should continue to go through the main office: 514-288-2097

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