Gender-Affirming Surgeries

Gender-affirming surgeries change primary and/or secondary sex characteristics so that they correspond with one’s gender identity.

What might happen if I have a gender-affirming surgery?

Research shows that gender-affirming surgeries may result in:

  • Feeling more comfortable and at ease in your body
  • Enhanced ability to be read by others as your gender
  • More satisfying sex life
  • Ability (with some surgeries) to take a lower dose of hormone therapy, reducing associated risks and unwanted side effects
  • Increased safety and comfort in public situations (i.e. using pools and gyms, interacting with healthcare providers, crossing borders, and interacting with police)
  • Improved ability to fit in your preferred style of clothing
  • The ability to stop binding, padding, packing or tucking

Many trans and gender diverse people are happy with their bodies, or find comfort with their bodies through non-surgical means. Only you can decide whether surgery is right for you.

This site intended to give you general information about options for gender-affirming surgeries. If you choose to have surgery, your surgeon will provide you with more detailed advice that is specific to your needs.

This information is specific to MSP-funded surgeries available to British Columbians. Several additional surgeries are available if you are able to pay privately.

Surgical readiness assessment

surgical readiness assessment is part of the current WPATH Standards of Care (Version 7) to be eligible for gender-affirming surgery.

Before and after surgery

The more preparation you do for before and after surgery, the smoother your recovery period will be. This section will help you create an aftercare plan for success after surgery.

Feminizing and masculinizing surgeries

Feminizing surgeries and masculinizing surgeries are gender-affirming surgical procedures that create physical characteristics reflective of one’s gender identity and/or gender expression.

Surgery funding

Visit our Surgery Funding page to learn which gender-affirming surgeries are currently funded by MSP and how you can apply for funding.