Finding Care Providers

It can be very important to find care providers who understand trans health issues. This might be a primary care provider, a counsellor or another health care professional.

Primary care providers

Primary care providers (PCP) are your main health care provider in non-emergency situations and include doctors, nurse practitioners, and general practitioners.


Find options for accessing trans- friendly counsellors.

Barriers to health care

All health care providers in British Columbia have the responsibility to serve trans and gender diverse people, yet research confirms that trans and gender diverse people experience barriers to receiving health care including:

  • Refusal of care
  • Difficulties getting referrals
  • Lack of provider information on trans issues
  • Uncomfortable or problematic interpersonal interactions

As a result, many people have had to educate their health care providers about how to meet their needs. Others have had to travel long distances or move to the Lower Mainland to access gender-affirming health care.

Need help?

If you need help accessing gender-affirming care in BC, please Contact Us and will try to help connect you with known resources in your health authority.