VCH Trans Specialty Care

VCH Trans Specialty CareTrans Specialty Care (TSC): clinics providing multidisciplinary, specialized health care to trans clients served by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. clinics provide specialized health care to trans clients who live in the Vancouver Coastal Health region.

Trans Specialty Care offers knowledgeable and specialized care to transgender and gender diverse persons living in the Vancouver Coastal Health region.  We work in teams including nurses, counsellors, physicians, nurse practitioners, and social workers. We are a consultation service and work in collaboration with your family doctor. If you do not have a family doctor (GP) or nurse practitioner (NP) we can help you find options for primary care.

What services are provided ?

  • Hormone initiation and stabilization
  • Surgical care planning and referrals
  • Pre-operative information and education
  • Post-operative nursing care
  • Limited counselling
  • Hormone injection supplies
  • Assistance with identity document changes

Who can access VCH Trans Specialty Care?

Services are provided to people 15 and older living in the Vancouver Coastal Health region.  Youth (15 – 24), refugee claimants, and individuals with post-operative complications who live outside the VCH Region will be given special consideration on a case-by-case basis.

If you live outside of the VCH region, please contact Trans Care BC’s Care Coordination team for help with finding care in your area.

How do I access this service?

You can self-refer by leaving a message on our intake line at 604-633-4248 or through the online contact form.

Your primary care clinician can also fax a referral to 604-844-2223.  The intake clerk will call you with an appointment with a nurse within 1-2 weeks.

When you leave a message, be sure to give a call back number and let the nurse know if it is okay to leave you a voice mail message. The nurse will identify the clinic that is able to see you and provide you with a date and time for an initial consultation appointment.

Where are the locations of services?

Trans Specialty Care services are offered at Three Bridges Community Centre and Raven Song Community Centre.

How much do VCH Trans Specialty Care Services cost?

There are no costs for the services we provide.

Are THiP and Trans Specialty Care the same thing?

No. THiP does not provide any clinical care. Trans Specialty Care is a separate program.

Want more info regarding our program?

Check out our FAQ’s page.