There are many options for transition that are not medical. We call these social transition options, and they include changing your name, pronouns, or the way you dress. Here’s some additional information that you may find helpful in your transition process:

Coming out

Coming out” is the process of becoming aware of your trans identity, accepting it, and telling others about it.

ID and name change

Visit our ID and name change section to find out about changing your name and gender/sex marker on British Columbian and Canadian identification.

Changing speech

One aspect of social transition is changing speech to present a more masculine, feminine or androgynous gender expression.

Hair removal

The presence or absence of hair can be an important part of your gender expression. This page provides an overview of various hair removal methods, as well as their pros and cons.

Binding, packing, tucking, and padding

Visit our Binding, Packing, Tucking, & Padding section for an overview of some do-it-yourself (or non-surgical) options for altering your gender expression.