Responding to negative reactions

There are different degrees of negative reactions. For a mildly negative reaction, you might say, “I understand that this information may come as a shock. You’d probably like some time to digest this. I’m open and ready to talk about this more when you are.”

If you need to leave a situation because it is emotionally or physically unsafe, do so. This enables you to keep yourself safer and regroup before you have to further deal with the situation.

If someone is sharing information about your identity in a negative way at work, school, or another public environment, go to the person in charge and describe the discrimination or harassment you are experiencing. If this doesn’t resolve the situation, you may need to work your way up the chain of command or file a formal complaint. Be sure to keep a record of each incident of harassment. Our Advocacy Tips page contains some helpful information for these kind of situations. Please visit our Legal Issues page for more information about the human rights complaints process in BC.