Plucking is a method that uses tweezers to remove the entire hair shaft, one at a time. It is most practical for small areas like the eyebrows. Make sure you tweeze the hair in the direction you want it to grow.

Do not tweeze areas you may wish to have electrolysis on later. Tweezing distorts the hair follicle, making it more difficult for electrologists to work with.


Easy and inexpensive. Effects last longer than shaving (2-6 weeks).


Tedious and sometimes painful, especially on sensitive areas. (Numbing the area with ice can help reduce discomfort). Hair may grow back thicker, darker, and faster. May lead to ingrown hairs, if the hair breaks off below the skin’s surface.

Safety tip

To avoid infection, do not tweeze your nose hairs. Clip them instead. Be aware that some companies market electronic tweezers as home electrolysis units. Electronic tweezers do not offer permanent hair removal. They also emit radiation, so it’s very important to follow the instructions if you use these devices.