Trans Friendly Picture Books

10,000 Dresses

Marcus Ewert

(Seven Stories)


A Fairy Tale with a Message

Brett Axe

(East Waterfront)


The Adventures of Tulip, Birthday Wish Fairy

S. Bear Bergman

(Flamingo Rampant)


All I Want to Be is Me

Phyllis Rothblatt

(Self Published)


Are You a Boy or a Girl

Karleen Jiminez

(Green Dragon)


Backwards Day

S. Bear Bergman

(Flamingo Rampant)


Be Who You Are

Jennifer Carr

(Author House)



Brett Axel


Jesse’s Dream Skirt

Bruce Mack

(Lollipop Power)


My Princess Boy

Cheryl Kilodouis

(Aladdin/Simon Schuster)


The Princess Knight

Cornelia Funke


Rough Tough Charley

Verla Kay

(Tricycle Press)


When Kathy is Keith

Wallace Wong