Trans 101

This section will provide you with an overview of some of the basic terms and concepts used when talking about trans health and wellness.

Gender 101

In Gender 101, you’ll get key definitions to help you understand the differences between things like sex and gender; gender identity and gender expression; and trans identity and sexual orientation.


Learn more about the Indigenous term Two-Spirit, used within some Indigenous communities to encompass sexual, gender, cultural, and/or spiritual identities.

Find a care provider

It can be very important to find a care provider who understands trans health issues. This might be a primary care provider, a counsellor or another health care professional.

Glossary of terms

Have a look at our glossary of terms related to trans health and the services available in British Columbia.

What does trans mean?

We use the word trans as an umbrella term to describe a wide range of people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differ from their assigned sex and/or the societal and cultural expectations of their assigned sex.

Trans can include people are:



This list does not capture everyone who is trans and we apologize if you are trans and do not see yourself reflected above. We are committed to using inclusive language and invite you to Contact Us with your suggestions for how we can make our language and resources as inclusive as possible.